Company Overview

Company Name
Big Up Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Rumiko Kikuchi
4-13-25 Sakuradori, Kitakami, Iwate 024-0084
5 million yen
77 Bank, Kitakami Shinkin Bank


①Mold Part Sales

Machined parts for molds, presses, and die-casting molds

②Equipment Part Sales

Machined equipment parts for conveyors, coated sheet metal framing etc.

③Management & sales of molds and production equipment

Handling Materials & Surface Finishing


  • Steel for various molds and tools
  • Various carbide, and ultra-fine particle carbide
  • Various ceramics and resins

※Can all be procured both domestically and internationally

Surface Finishing

  • H-CrM plating, kanigen electroless, unichrome
  • alumite
  • PVD and DLC finishing, etc.

Manufacturing Procurement

Domestic: 15 companies
Overseas: 10 total companies (Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam)

  • ※We believe that stable quality and the pursuit of high quality are important for overseas procurement.
  • ※Our company manages on-site quality control, including manufacturing site measurements (primary inspection), and that of inspection organizations (secondary inspection).